for 2+ Adults, please follow these instructions:

  • Please select 1 of you to be the Primary Applicant.

  • It doesn’t matter who is the Primary Applicant, HOWEVER, only the Primary Applicant will be able to make the very 1st payment online (you may also pay by cashier’s check), when you pay your 1st month’s rent and security deposit.

  • After the first payment, when you are in our system as “tenants” (rather than “applicants,” any tenant will be able to pay all or part of the rent online or via a personal check.

Documents Needed to Satisfy the financial requirement

Every applicant, without exception
(unless they do not have a job or a bank account)
must submit EITHER



Bank statements

if you are applying with roommates, everyone should upload
the same document if at all possible
- either all paystubs or all bank statements -


For 1 adults with income:

Your last 3 paystubs showing your net income is at least 2.5x the rent 

For 2 adults with income:

last 3 paystubs

Submit your last 3 paystubs

showing your COMBINED average monthly net income is at least 3.5x the rent 

last 3 paystubs

For 3 adults with income: 4.5x

For 4 adults with income: 5.5x


Bank statements

Regardless of the number of adult applicants

last 3 paystubs

Submit your last 3 bank statements

last 3 paystubs

Your combined ending balance for EACH of the last 3 months months must have been at least 5x the rent (for most units).  

*Some owners are requiring as high as 12x. Please check the listing on our vacancies page for the specific requirement of the unit you like.

What will you be submitting for the financial requirement?



Submit full paystubs, not a screenshot of deposits or just the paycheck – we need to see your name, your employer, dates worked, and net pay.

bank statements


You can black-out all but the last few digits of your account number.


We usually only need the 1st page, showing the bank’s name, your name, the account number, and the ending balance.

You've Stated all adults will submit the same type of document


Add Your Heading Text Here

  • It’s the same application for all units, and it’s called “Waitlist.”

  • You do not specify which unit you are applying for on the application.  The Leasing Agent will screen your application and send you an email.  If you are qualified, she will give you an approximate budget.  Then you reply to her email to tell her which unit(s) you’d like to view.

  • By law we have to store your application for 5 years, but we will not do anything with it.  We would only access it again (1) if you asked us to reactivate so you can apply to a new vacancy, or (2) by court order / subpoena (which is highly unlikely).

calculate your budgeT

BUDGET based on your monthly net income (last 3 paystubs)

  1.  Enter  COMBINED TOTAL MONTHLY NET INCOME for all adults with income
    * Each adult must submit last 3 paystubs
    * Any adult who works 2+ jobs – submit last 3 paystubs for EACH job

  2.  Enter REQUIREMENT for the # of adults with income – see below


  • for 1 adult with income,  enter 2.5
  • for 2 adults with income, enter 3.5
  • for 3 adults with income, enter 4.5, and so on.
per month

BUDGET based on your monthly ending balance (last 3 statements)

  1.  COMBINED TOTAL SAVINGS – all adults, all accounts – LOWEST MONTH
    * Each adult must submit 3 bank statements
    * Any adult with 2+ accounts – submit last 3 statements for EACH account
    * Add together to get your combined total savings for each of the last 3 months
    **Enter the LOWEST balance of the LOWEST of the last 3 months

  2. Your budget = lowest ending balance / 5
per month