please READ THESE 4 NOTES about the application

  • The same application is good for all units, so you only complete 1 application, regardless of how many units you wish to view.

  • The application is called, “Waitlist.”  You do not specify which property you’re interested in at this time.
  • Be sure to hit the “submit” button at the end of the application.  If you are editing and application you have already submitted, there will not be a submit button.

  • When you get to the end of the application, you may get a message directing you to “sign the addendum” in order to proceed.  The addendum is at the beginning of the app, and it’s called “Rental Requirements.”


This information is in the “fine print” of the application you are about to complete:

“As our credit checking agency requires that this application and all submitted documents be retained by Beven and Brock, applicant agrees that this application and all supporting documents will be retained by Beven & Brock.”

Pursuant to California Business & Professions Code 10148 we have to keep your information for 3 years. However, we assure you it is merely stored in our system for legal reasons. We will not do anything with your information.

We have to keep your application whether you apply online or you apply with a paper application, with no exceptions.  We apologize, but if this is not acceptable to you then you should not apply.

documents you'll need to complete the application

ready to apply?

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Summary of the Steps to Rent with Beven & Brock Property Management

  • To know if you are qualified & for answers to Common Questions, click on the tabs at left.
  • Minimum credit score: 650, though many properties require a higher score.  Find the property on our vacancies page to check the exact required credit score for the unit.
  • You do have to apply first, but we do not collect the application fee or run your credit until you’ve viewed & selected a unit.
  • The same application is good for all units.  Once yours has been screened, if you are qualified you will be given a budget.  Then you may view any availalbe units we have that are within your budget.
  • The Leasing Agent will review your applicaiton & email you within 2 business days.  
  • Didn’t receive the email?  Please text the number above to let us know and we will be happy to give you a status update.

3. View Properties

  • Once the Leasing Agent has emailed you with a budget, any time you see a vacancy you’d like to view, simply email your Leasing Agent and let them know (1) the address, (2) the day you’d like to view, and (3) a 2-hour time window during which you’d like to view.
  • The Leasing Agent will give you a code to a lockbox containing the key that only works during that 2-hour window.
  • Like what you see?  Email your Leasing Agent to let them know you’d like to move forward with a lease.

3. Pay the Application Fee ($45/adult) & wait...

while we run your credit & background checks.  This may take up to 5 business days.

Rental Requirements & How to Apply

calculate your budgeT

BUDGET based on your monthly net income (last 3 paystubs)

  1.  Enter  COMBINED TOTAL MONTHLY NET INCOME for all adults with income
    * Each adult must submit last 3 paystubs
    * Any adult who works 2+ jobs – submit last 3 paystubs for EACH job

  2.  Enter REQUIREMENT for the # of adults with income – see below


  • for 1 adult with income,  enter 2.5
  • for 2 adults with income, enter 3.5
  • for 3 adults with income, enter 4.5, and so on.
per month

BUDGET based on your monthly ending balance (last 3 statements)

  1.  COMBINED TOTAL SAVINGS – all adults, all accounts – LOWEST MONTH
    * Each adult must submit 3 bank statements
    * Any adult with 2+ accounts – submit last 3 statements for EACH account
    * Add together to get your combined total savings for each of the last 3 months
    **Enter the LOWEST balance of the LOWEST of the last 3 months

  2. Your budget = lowest ending balance / 5
per month