Please read if you are applying with (an) additional adult(s)

Everyone age 18+ must complete an application, even if they have no income/savings.


Choose 1 person to be the PRIMARY APPLICANT

Only the Primary Applicant will be able to make the 1st payment online – when you pay prorated 1st month + security deposit.  After that, any adult can pay any portion of the rent they’d like,

Primary Applicant: List the others as roommates/spouses.

List all adults, children, babies, and pets.

Other adults will get an email with a link to complete their portion of the application.

We can't screen your application until all adults have completed theirs.

– – > If you haven’t heard from the Leasing Agent in 24 hours, it is likely because one of the adults hasn’t completed their application.  For quickest service, text Cole when all adults have completed their application, so we know it’s ready and can screen it right away.  626-414-5737



Most of our units require higher than 650.

  • We cannot rent to anyone with credit less than 650, regardless of how high the other adults’ credit scores are.

    Exception: if someone has low credit because they are new to the country or are just building their credit – as long as there are no negative items on that person’s credit report most owners will accept, but there will be an increased security deposit.

  • MOST OF OUR OWNERS are now requiring a score HIGHER THAN 650.  If the requirement for the property you are interested in requires a 725 score, be advised that all tenants are expected to have a 725.  Some owners will accept your application if one of the co-applicants has a slightly lower score, but not less than about 700.  Because we are renting out someone else’s property, we have to be very strict on this requirement – there is no workaround.  We cannot accept cosigners for any reason, including credit.

Meeting the Financial Requirement


  • For every applicant, we need to see either your last 3 paystubs or your last 3 bank statements.

To determine whether you meet the financial requirement,

  • If you submit paystubs, we will add together each of your monthly net incomes.  Your combined monthly net income needs to be at least 3.5x the rent for 2 adults with income (or 4.5x the rent for 3 adults with income, 5.5x for for adults, and so on).


  • If using bank statements, we will add all of ending balances together for each month.  Your combined ENDING BALANCE for each of the last months must be at least 5x the rent (for MOST units, though some owners require as high as 12x).  Check the unit’s listing on our vacancies page for the specific requirements for each unit.

We add your net income or savings together to give you the highest possible rental budget.  For that reason, we ask that all co-applicants submit the SAME TYPE OF DOCUMENT – either all paystubs or all bank statements.  

  • If that isn’t possible (say one co-applicant has a job with income, but the other has savings in the bank) submit whatever you have.  The Leasing Agent may need to ask you for more information to determine your budget.  You can always text Cole with questions or to see if your documents will work: 626-414-5737.

  • KNOW YOUR BUDGET BEFORE YOU APPLY!   Use the budget calculator on the requirements page.

calculate your budgeT

BUDGET based on your monthly net income (last 3 paystubs)

  1.  Enter  COMBINED TOTAL MONTHLY NET INCOME for all adults with income
    * Each adult must submit last 3 paystubs
    * Any adult who works 2+ jobs – submit last 3 paystubs for EACH job

  2.  Enter REQUIREMENT for the # of adults with income – see below


  • for 1 adult with income,  enter 2.5
  • for 2 adults with income, enter 3.5
  • for 3 adults with income, enter 4.5, and so on.
per month

BUDGET based on your monthly ending balance (last 3 statements)

  1.  COMBINED TOTAL SAVINGS – all adults, all accounts – LOWEST MONTH
    * Each adult must submit 3 bank statements
    * Any adult with 2+ accounts – submit last 3 statements for EACH account
    * Add together to get your combined total savings for each of the last 3 months
    **Enter the LOWEST balance of the LOWEST of the last 3 months

  2. Your budget = lowest ending balance / 5
per month