210 S Oak Knoll Ave #6, Pasadena

*Single Person Occupancy*

Studio 2nd floor unit in Pasadena

Availability: Application Pending

studio bedroom

1 bath

$1445 / month

▶️ carport, 1 space

▶️ no pets

▶️ coin-op on-site

Some Highlights

👍 parking

👍 wall A/C

👍 on-site laundry

*single person occupancy only* Gross Income Needed to Qualify: 3x Portion of Rent Applicant Will be Responsible for Or Savings of 12x the Rent Applicant Will be Responsible for as a consistent minimum bank balance 3 Years Rental & Work History No Negative Credit and a FICO score of at least 675 subsidized housing credit requirements may not apply

square footage: 285


wall A/C


coin-op on-site


no pets


carport, 1 space



if this link is active, click for a video




Security Deposit: $1445

Minimum Credit Score: 675

No felonies, no evictions.

We cannot rent to any person with credit less than 650, unless either of the conditions below are true.  If the owner has specified a higher score, they will not usually accept any lower.  We use Experian.  


You have a subsidized housing program, such as Section 8.

** OR **

You are new to the country or just building your credit.



Combined Gross Income: at least 3x the rent.

With a government subsidy program, such as Section 8:

If your voucher does not cover the entire rent, your gross income must be at least 3x YOUR PORTION of the rent.

** OR **


At least 12x the rent.

All roommates combined.  Ending balance for the last 3 months must be at least 12x the rent.  For each account, submit the last 3 statements.

With a government subsidy program, such as Section 8:

12x YOUR PORTION of the rent, if your voucher does not cover the entire rent.

here it is on a map:

Other features

Some Highlights

👍 parking

👍 wall A/C

👍 on-site laundry

Living Areas:

laminate floor, tile floor



range - electric, refrigerator

Owner-Paid Utilities:

water, trash, gardener

Extra Space:

Community Features:

on-site laundry

We don't collect the application fee or run your credit until *after* you've viewed & selected a unit.

unless otherwise noted: 12-month lease, credit 650+ to apply

* no evictions * we do thorough credit & background checks *

NO cosigners (may consider extra deposit for lack of work/rental history)

Because of a change in California Law, background checks take up to 5 business days.

calculate your budgeT

BUDGET based on your monthly net income (last 3 paystubs)

  1.  Enter  COMBINED TOTAL MONTHLY NET INCOME for all adults with income
    * Each adult must submit last 3 paystubs
    * Any adult who works 2+ jobs – submit last 3 paystubs for EACH job

  2.  Enter REQUIREMENT for the # of adults with income – see below


  • for 1 adult with income,  enter 2.5
  • for 2 adults with income, enter 3.5
  • for 3 adults with income, enter 4.5, and so on.
per month

BUDGET based on your monthly ending balance (last 3 statements)

  1.  COMBINED TOTAL SAVINGS – all adults, all accounts – LOWEST MONTH
    * Each adult must submit 3 bank statements
    * Any adult with 2+ accounts – submit last 3 statements for EACH account
    * Add together to get your combined total savings for each of the last 3 months
    **Enter the LOWEST balance of the LOWEST of the last 3 months

  2. Your budget = lowest ending balance / 5
per month