vouchers / section 8

  • All properties accept vouchers, but the process takes longer – up to a month or more.
  • We accept vouchers as long as you meet the following requirements:
  • Background Check
    A thorough background check is performed by an outside company.
  • Financial Requirement
    If your voucher covers the entire rent, there is no Financial Requirement.

    If your voucher does not cover the entire rent, and you are responsible for a portion, you will need to meet the financial requirement for that portion.  You will need to provide either paystubs showing gross income at least 3x your portion, or bank statements showing at least 12x your portion of the rent.
  • You can quialify by either your income or your savings.
  •  For Income, submit your last 3 paystubs.
    Your combined gross income must be at least 3x your portion the rent.
  • For Savings, submit your last 3 bank statements.  The ending balance for the last 3 months needs to be at least 12x your portion of the rent.
  • Credit OR “Ability to Pay”

calculate your budgeT

BUDGET based on your monthly net income (last 3 paystubs)

  1.  Enter  COMBINED TOTAL MONTHLY NET INCOME for all adults with income
    * Each adult must submit last 3 paystubs
    * Any adult who works 2+ jobs – submit last 3 paystubs for EACH job

  2.  Enter REQUIREMENT for the # of adults with income – see below


  • for 1 adult with income,  enter 2.5
  • for 2 adults with income, enter 3.5
  • for 3 adults with income, enter 4.5, and so on.
per month

BUDGET based on your monthly ending balance (last 3 statements)

  1.  COMBINED TOTAL SAVINGS – all adults, all accounts – LOWEST MONTH
    * Each adult must submit 3 bank statements
    * Any adult with 2+ accounts – submit last 3 statements for EACH account
    * Add together to get your combined total savings for each of the last 3 months
    **Enter the LOWEST balance of the LOWEST of the last 3 months

  2. Your budget = lowest ending balance / 5
per month